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British, hard-hitting, Brutal Metal hailing from South East UK - Est. 2016



Years Active:




Peter Gale

Alex Punchard

Gareth Lucas

Farnborough, UK

Death Metal /Brutal/ Hardcore / Groove

2016 - Present






British, hard-hitting Brutal Metal Band hailing from the Southeast


Since 2016 No Worth of Man have forged a reputation as a brutal, no nonsense, sonically imposing 3 piece. 

Founding members, Alex Punchard (guitar/bass) Peter Gale (Vocal’s) and Gareth Lucas (drums/ percussion/Samples) who first worked together in Hard Rock quintet, Distance to Fault (Casket Records)  

From a self-produced recording (Initium Novum) to a live studio EP (The Middle Farm Experiment), to an industry standard EP (Whats your Damage?), mixed and mastered by the metal hall of famer, Fredrick Nordstrom (Soilwork, Bring Me the Horizon, Dream Evil), the band have always been determined to try something different. Working with other renowned producers such as Dave Chang (Earthtone 9, Stamping Ground, OrangeGoblin) and the aforementioned, Fredrick Nordstrom, has allowed this trio to develop their writing ability to a level that clearly shows in their upcoming release.

Becoming a 3 piece was a difficult decision to make for this Hampshire based band, due to the complexity’s involved with writing metal, but it was a challenge that they relished. Born from necessity due to uncommitted members, No Worth of Man now utilise modern technology to its full potential, which means they are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in an exciting and rewarding way. With their delivery of brutal, hard hitting and aggressive music, coupled with their visual persona, set to a backdrop of Vampire hunters in an 80’s inspired Miami, this is a band not to be missed!

Highlights to date for No Worth of Man have been playing live shows both in the UK and abroad, supporting industry staples such as Karma to Burn, King 810, Puppy, Left to Die (Ex Death Members) and Cultura Tres (Paulo Xisto Pinto Jr. – Sepultura) Coffin Birth and Bound to Prevail. No Worth of Man will open for Evile later this year 

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Think I’ve just about recovered from Monday night...
Opening the show was No Worth Of Man with a set that was no messing around straight to the point metal in your face.
Main support can from Puppy who really impressed me, a different direction musically to the other two but really held their own. 
Their harmonies are fantastic, really looking forward to their album next year.
KING 810 in one word was intense, with David Gunn leading from the front it’s no surprise. 
They smashed through their set in brutal fashion, it was all over too soon they played around about an hour I’m sure everyone in the room was wanting more! 
It was a different experience to any metal band I’ve seen live before, would 100% do it again.


After a 5 year hiatus from music, Farnborough trio comprising Vocalist Pete Gale, Guitarist Alex Punchard and Drummer Gareth Lucas returned to the scene with a singular mission. To create funk infused heavy hitting modern Metal. Recorded at the iconic Middle Farm Studios in Devon with engineer Chris Edkins, the bands newly released second EP “The Middle Farm Experiment” is a trio of of tracks to follow up their 5 track 2017 debut release “Initium Novum”.

Starting with “I Defy” No Worth Of Man deliver the kind of menacing atmospheric introduction that bands with 10 times the budget struggle to get right. The riffage and drum work appears with rapid fire urgency and technical proficiency. The tight and organic nature of the music is obvious from the very start and that’s because aside from the vocal isolation booth, the band recorded as a group as live. What that does it capture the energy of their live set and bring it to the studio – again something that other bands struggle with. “Alarmus” has more of a groove feel while delivering both melodically and with a pace and energy that No Worth Of Man bring to all their material. Pete Gale’s guttural delivery sounds like he has been gargling gravel and it the heavier counter balance to some of the more thrash oriented riffage. “Those of Our Kind” continues the consistent high quality of the trio of tracks as Gale delivers a blood curdlingly brutal vocal display around his lyrical prowess. There are a couple of moments where he pushes his voice to its limits but manages to pull it back, the strain only adding to the chill of the tracks darkness. The Trashier overtones give the likes of early Lamb of God a run for their money and the synth passage closing just makes you want to push play on the 9 minute affair again. The quality of the recording, mixing and mastering is about as close to perfect as it gets, giving every element of the bands sound space to breathe in its own right. The drums are crisp and clean while the guitar tone itself is ideally suited to sit in th mix behind the vocals. [8/10]

“The Middle Farm Experiment” by No Worth Of Man is out now and available via iTunes.

Karma to burn .jpg

No Worth Of Man are an odd choice of an opener, being a Deathcore band. A bass-less trio with a tight drummer and a guitarist playing a “Destroy/Erase/Improve” era Meshuggah sound, they’re actually very good, but they were on the wrong bill. Also their names a bit too long, Short and punchy folks!


Mondo Decay

An Unpaintable Soul 

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